Our challenge is to discover, roast and sell specialty coffee while supporting and spreading awareness on the local art community.

What drives us is a passion for both specialty coffee and art. The desire to combine these two elements gave birth to Kyna Coffee.



We know who is behind our coffees. We ensure traceability of all the selected coffees.

Ethical and sustainable coffee is produced using practices that are designed to be environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and economically viable. This type of production is often referred to as “direct trade” and it involves working directly with coffee farmers to ensure that they are receiving fair wages and working under safe conditions. Additionally, direct trade often involves paying a premium for the coffee and ensuring that farmers are provided with training and resources to improve their yields.

At Kyna Coffee we know most of the producers personally and when it is not the case, we select the coffees from cooperatives which are certified to respect the highest working and environmental standards.

The name Of kyna


The choice of the name Kyna derives from its different meanings in different languages. In Gaelic and Arabic the name Kyna is a female name and means: “intelligent”, in English it means “royal”, in Finnish language it means “pencil” or “pen”. Since from the beginning, we decided to work with artists we thought it would be the perfect name for our coffee.


How we work

Green bean selection

We select the producers and have samples sent, when possible, directly from small farmers/fincas spread all over the world.


We roast and cup the samples ourselves; we take our time in trying different roasting profiles to extract the best value form the selected beans.


We chose to sell our coffees in small shops and on the web shop since most of the time we buy small batches and quantity is limited.


The good news is that when a coffee is out of stock, we will ask a new artist to create the image concept for a new coffee we will select. This means that you will have a lot of different masterpieces showing in your coffee cabinet.