Irvin Vaucher

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Irvin Vaucher aka Korhiak in the creative world. Illustrator, animator, musician. I’m a jack of all trades who likes to bring his imagination to life in a thousand ways.

How did you discover your passion for drawing?

I’ve been swimming in it all my life thanks to my family. Whether it is my mother with the creation of cuddly toys, my father with his passion for drawing or my sister who is a musician, I have built my I have built my path, carried by this environment.

 What is your background?

Determined to acquire a wide range of creative possibilities, I first obtained a CFC in interactive media design at the EAA, then an ES diploma in comics at the ESBDI and and finally a Bachelor’s degree in visual communication at HEAD. Today, I continue to expand my universe my universe through mandates, events, etc.

How much do you love art and why?

Art is what stimulates my thinking, it is the heart of my life, it is what gives it meaning. Imagine a world without films, without books, without games, without creation. Wouldn’t we feel empty? Creating or being impregnated by creations nourishes us permanently, provokes emotions and allows us to share them. emotions and allows us to share them. For me there is nothing more important.

Do you have any particular influences?

There are some recurring themes that fascinate and inspire me on a daily basis, starting with animals and nature which serve as a basis for the creation of new hybrid universes. Then I use ethnography and mythologies a lot. A lot of pop culture works are inspired by them. inspired by them, I think for example of Hellboy whose atmospheres plunge us deeply into the deep into the strange. Finally, my ultimate love is medieval fantasy with crazy universes like Elden Ring or Warhammer. It is an inexhaustible source of ideas.

One of your qualities?

I am able to move my nostrils independently. According to legend, this gives me a sympathy that is beyond comprehension.

And one of your faults?

I have the flexibility of a breadboard, but I’m working on it (soon).

Do you like coffee?

That’s the big question! Actually not so much ahahah.

And finally, what are you currently working on?

The creation of illustrations and derivative products to be sold on the internet and on stands here andhere and there. here and there. I also have a board game waiting to be presented to publishers and other ideas that are waiting patiently for their turn.

Instagram : @korhiak

portfolio (pdf)

Guatemala - Itzamna

Mango | Biscuit | Grape

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