Scintilla Demi

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Scintilla Demi and I’ve been working as a potter for more than 15 years.

How did you discover your passion for ceramics?

My interest in various forms of arts led me to pottery as an expression of my personal being.

What is your background?

I graduated ‘Maestro d’Arte’ at the ceramic school ‘F. Faccio’ in Italy. I then graduated in Architecture from the Polytechnic of Turin, Italy. After a work experience as a potter in a renowned pottery studio in New Mexico (USA), with British potter Andrew Sanders, I moved to Switzerland where I opened my pottery studio in Denges.

How much do you love ceramic and why?

Throwing on the wheel is my true passion, together with the creation of novel recipes for fascinating glazes. Using stoneware clay, I make unique tableware, such as coffee and tea sets, plates and bowls, jugs and teapots. Each handmade piece is unique and results from the balance between shape, colour and function.

Do you have any particular influences?

Every pot I see is an inspiration for me, but my true love is for Japanese ceramics.

One of your qualities?

Strength and gentleness.

And one of your faults?

I’m not good at selling my own creations.

Do you like coffee?

I like it and I especially love his smell!


And finally, what are you currently working on?

Every day I teach pottery classes and work on special orders for my clients. My major project at this moment is the creation of table lamps in different clay colours and using a multitude of amazing led bulbs.

Instagram : @scintilla_atelierpoterie

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